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Bad Ass of the Week: Lobster Johnson

LobsterJohnson2FcLobster Johnson aka the Lobster is a bad ass, obviously. This pulp hero operated in the 1930s before finally meeting his end in 1939 in Austria. He was exclusively working in New York before signing up with the U.S. Government to kill Nazis. Wanna know how much of a bad ass this guy is? His version of an afterlife is being able to endlessly kill Nazis. He wants NOTHING else, but that is not the only reason why he’s a bad ass. There are plenty more. So read on and find out why the Lobster is a true bad ass.

Lobster_JohnsonDuring his war on crime in the 30s, the Lobster killed hundreds of criminals, but his existence is denied by the U.S. Government and most people only remember the movies and fictional novels published about this character. To the public, he does not exist because most people never saw him and there is no evidence of the guy beyond the lobster claw brand burnt into the skull of criminals. He has killed cannibals, killed fake Native American ghosts, killed 011112_lobsterjohnson02mobsters, killed the high priestess of Anubis, killed zombies (via grenade), fought Japanese spies, defeated the Black Flame, stopped experimentation on homeless men, killed a bunch of Nazis trying to drop a bomb filled with corrosive gas on New York City, stopped a man named Memnan Saa from getting the power of the Vril, killed Nazis, blew up a Nazi submarine, and blew up a castle. He did all of this while he was still alive. Blowing up the castle was at the cost of his own life.

Now the Lobster as a ghost is a whole other story. Within the confines of the story, Conqueror Worm the Lobster dies in Austria in 1939 while on a mission for the U.S. Government. He stops some Lovecraftian space god’s ghost from coming to Earth. The Lobster returns as a ghost when Hellboy and Roger go to the remains of that castle. He helps them kill Nazis, kill a Space God’s ghost, and he kills the next race of man. I’m not joking about killing the next race. Rasputin enlightens this woman that was mutated by the Space God’s ghost breath and tells her she is going to be the next race of man once his god, the Ogdru Jahad, kills all life on Earth and recreates the world. So the Lobster guns her down. He ends the chosen next race because who she was before her evolution. Is there anything more bad ass than killing the next race of man? Everything the Lobster does is for no other reason than “Justice”, as he frequently declares after attacking an enemy. We are given no reason as to why he even does what he does. We aren’t even given an identity other than “the Lobster”. In all honesty, I don’t think he needs one.

timthumb.phpAfter assisting Hellboy and Roger, the Lobster starts helping the B.P.R.D. In the events of Night Train he leads them to a Nazi war criminal hiding out in Alabama and in the story, Killing Ground, he had taken over the ectoplasmic form of Kraus long enough to shoot Liz Sherman with a kind of ghost bullet that broke Memnan Saa’s control over her. In the King of Fear story, the Lobster helps Liz one final time by attacking Memnan Saa. The B.P.R.D. agents then escort the Lobster back to Austria so he ghost could rejoin the  fallen U.S. soldiers and battle the ghosts of the Nazis that died there for eternity.

What more could I possibly say about this guy if you aren’t already convinced? The Lobster is a true bad ass that seeks only justice. Let any that try to stop him beware the claw!

Check It Out! Week of 4/1/15

20150403_173911A lot of great stuff came out this week and one bit of heartbreaking news. We are marching right along to Secret Wars, which comes out in a month. I may do a catch up article on everything that Hickman has been doing with both Avengers titles so that anyone that reads it can catch up without having to spend the time or the money, but back onto this week! I’ve got four books worth recommending so check these out!

Uncanny Inhumans #0 - Page 1So coming at you at number 4 is Uncanny Inhumans #0! A brand new series by Charles Soule and Steve McNiven. Soule has been writing the Inhuman title for a while, but now he’s got McNiven! You may recognize McNiven’s art from Civil War and Old Man Logan. McNiven is one of my all time favorites especially when he draws Captain America (my favorite hero). Black Bolt is another one of my favorites so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see how McNiven handles the King of the Inhumans. McNiven’s work is absolutely beautiful, both in terms of how he illustrates Black Bolt and how Uncanny Inhumans #0 - Page 15he handles Black Bolt’s powers. I of course must direct your attention to the picture on the right. The middle panel is just fantastic. Every single illustration in this book is absolutely incredible and perfect (at least for me) in every way. The story for this book is pretty good. I’m not a Charles Soule fan, but I thought this was a solid first issue. Soule handled Black Bolt very well.

There have been a lot of people harvesting Inhuman cocoons for money. Uncanny Inhumans #0 - Page 5Black Bolt intervenes and then returns to his wife, Medusa, Black Bolt begins looking for his son, who has been lost since the Fall of Atillan way back in Infinity. After having a confrontation with his wife, Black Bolt uses the Inhuman teleporter, Eldrac, to take him to where his son is. This puts him right in front of Kang’s fortress. After a brief skirmish, Kang grants Black Bolt entrance. Kang reveals there is no future. The time stream is devoid of it for some reason. Ahura emerges from the shadows to yell at his father for giving him to Kang. Black Bolt being unable to speak says nothing. He opens up a bottle containing the Terrigen Mist and releases it on his son. He is able to psychically communicate with Ahura before he tells him he will be reborn. A cocoon surrounds Ahura. Black Bolt asks Kang to save his son by taking him into the time stream. Kang tells Black Bolt that if he does this then his son will belong to Kang forever. Black Bolt agrees.

The plot for this book is pretty great and I cannot wait for Ahura to come back transformed. I wonder if he’ll have the same power as his father or will he be even more powerful? Having KAng involved in the book is great. I really do love Kang, he is a great villain that will somehow always exist. The future constantly changes, but Kang endures. I loved the work they did with him during Young Avengers and Children’s Crusade. He is a great villain. Having him involved in anyway has me interested. For as long as McNiven is on this book I will be in for the ride. If the story is continuously good then I will probably stay on board, but that will have to be proven to me before McNiven moves on.

Southern Bastards #8 - Page 1Let’s talk about Southern Bastards #8, my number 3. The book has consistently been one of the best pick ups from image. So far the second volume has been about Coach Boss’ past. It makes sense how this guy turned out to be such a mean bastard. There will probably be some more flashbacks about Coach Boss leading up to him controlling the town. The Southern Bastards #8 - Page 24story for this book is awesome and every few issues we get a great tease of what’s to come. That is in the form of Bert Tubb, Earl’s daughter. I cannot wait for her to show up and find out everything that has happened. This will be amazing as soon as this happens, which hopefully will be in the next volume.

Southern Bastards #8 - Page 15I’d like to spotlight some great dialogue on Aaron’s part, coupled with Latour’s amazing art. The page to the left is after Boss becomes the coach of the Rebs. He is given the position because he makes a deal and gives the criminals (the ones his daddy has been ripping off) his daddy’s corpse. Yep, Boss kills his daddy. The next day Boss is made coach and the old coach is fired. This page, the one to the left, is awesome. I found myself on Boss’ side and that was the point of revealing Boss’ past. It was so satisfying to see Boss become coach and threaten that ex-coach to never miss a game. Its crazy to be on Boss’ side when we all know what he’s about to do.

I don’t even like football at all, but this comic is amazing. I cannot wait for what’s to come. Bert is going to wage war on the town and make Boss and everyone involved with him pay. I cannot wait to see Latour draw these pages.

Spider-Gwen #3 - Page 1Latour has killed it this week with comics. My number two is another Latour comic, Spider-Gwen #3. The last issue of this book was alright, but this issue was great. Gwen returns home to talk to her father to basically tell him that she is going to give up on being Gwen Stacy and instead was going to focus on being Spider-Woman. It was the conclusion she came to after everything that has happened to her. Like Peter Parker, Gwen’s being haunted by the death of Peter. With a death like his hanging over her, its natural that she would be led to this conclusion.

So Gwen is attacked by the Vulture in her house, but the Vulture wasn’t coming for her. He instead was coming for her dad. Gwen throwsSpider-Gwen #3 - Page 13 her costume on and fights Vulture. Rodriguez’s art for this book is always fantastic especially when he’s drawing fight scenes. I love the jokes that Latour couples with Rodriguez’s art. They’re better than the main Spider-Man title.

Spider-Gwen #3 - Page 20If you want a Spider-book, this is the better one to pick up because it only gets better with each issue. Plus you have real fun takes on characters like Captain Frank Castle. I didn’t think we would see him brandish the old skull shirt, but apparently Castle does not change, only his methods of achieving his goals does. Again, Rodriguez’s ability to draw action scenes rules! Spider-Woman, after defeating Vulture in a cloud of gas, has to fight Captain Castle. She barely manages to beat him and knowing Castle, he will come back better prepared the next time. He also manages to unmask her before she knocks him out. So now Castle has seen her face and that cannot be good. She is going to have to retreat further into her Spider-Woman identity.

Hellboy and the B.P.R.D #5 - Page 1My number one favorite book of this week is going to have to be Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. #5. This concludes the events of 1952 for Hellboy. Hellboy manages to defeat Von Klempt and look real cool in front of a burning Nazi flag (see the featured image for this post). So Von Klempt is beaten and a Hellboy and the B.P.R.D #5 - Page 14monkey gets away with his head. The agents try to track down Bob, the traitor, but he’s nowhere to be found. Bob actually ends up in Buenas Aires where he is meeting a man named Mr. Frost (HA!) that tasked Bob with the mission to kill Hellboy. Mr. Frost believes that Hellboy is what he actually is, the herald of the end. Now Mr. Frost wants Bob to return to the B.P.R.D. and kill Prof. Bruttenholm then Hellboy. None of that happens because Bob suddenly burst into flames. Varvara has seen fit to save her favorite human, Prof. Bruttenholm. She threatens Mr. Frost to be nice to the Professor because he is her favorite. Now if this were real life, Mr. Frost assuredly would shit his pants. This demon presents itself as a little girl and likes to act like one too. Arcudi and Mignola have been proving  that they are a force to be reckoned. They are crafting some of the greatest stories in comics. Anything these two do individually and as a team are worth checking out!

I really love this story. This is a great insight into all those years that are never elaborated on. Supposedly there is going to be a new mini series for every year leading up to Seed of Destruction. However, earlier this week Mignola announced that he and Arcudi are going to begin ending  the Mignolaverse. They are going to put Hellboy and B.P.R.D. to rest because they finally had the conversation that plotted the end of the universe. I really respect that they are deciding to do this and its not roped up with sales or anything, but I also hate that there is going to be a few less great comics in my life. I do not know if this news means Lobster Johnson, Baltimore, and Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. are all going to end too because these series all technically take place in the past. So we’ll have to stay tuned and find out.

Bad Ass of the Week: Sodam Yat of Sector 3182

1506905-sodam_yatThere are many, many Green Lanterns out there, but there are few that are as cool as Sodam Yat of Sector 3182. Sodam Yat is from the planet Daxam. Daxam is a planet of xenophobic Kryptonians that left Krypton to colonize a new world. Now known as “Daxamites”, none of the citizens of Daxam have any powers because their planet revolves around a Red Sun. They could have powers equal to Superman, but without the weakness to Kryptonite. This is because the “birthing matrix” used by the Daxamites was altered so they were immune to Kryptonite. Lead, on the other hand, can kill them.

Sodam Yat was raised by intensely xenophobic parents. Yat was a very curious boy that 1941291-sodam_s_childhoodwanted to know more about the universe beyond just Daxam. His father did not approve of this and scolded Yat whenever he could and would break his instruments. Yat continued his censored existence until an alien crash landed on Daxam. Yat found the alien’s ship and pulled him free of the wreckage. Tessog, the alien, lived in a cave teaching Yat everything that he knew. Well one day, Yat’s parents found Tessog, killed him, stuffed him, and put him in a museum for all the young Daxamites to see. Tessog became personified evil, but not for Yat. His father even hooked him up to a machine and tried brainwashing him. Yat vowed to leave Daxam for good and tried to use Tessog’s repaired ship when a Green Lantern ring came to him.

203331-1039-sodam-yatSo Yat went through a great deal to escape his terrible father and home world. As a Green Lantern he fought and destroyed Ranx, the Sentient City, during the Sinestro Corps War. He alone went into the heart of Ranx and destroyed the city. None of the Corps members thought he’d survive, but Yat emerged from the wreckage ready for duty Sodam_Yat_Ion(see picture to the left). During the height of the War, the Guardians decided to make Yat the new Ion, the host for the embodiment of Willpower.

Yat remains Ion for a long time and spends most of his time flying through space with Guy Gardner, Natu, and Arisia. Yat is eventually forced to return to Daxam when his mother flees from Daxam to tell him that the Sinestro Corps has taken over Daxam under the command of Mongul. Yat and Arisia arrive on Daxam to find Yat’s father preaching that people to commit suicide over becoming slaves. Yat fights Mongul, but is unable to access the Ion power because someone is blocking it (that someone being the Guardian known as Scar). Yat cannot take his ring off to forcibly access the Ion power because he has lead in his system thanks to a battle with Superboy Prime during the 831181-sodam_s_final_sacrifice_superSinestro Corps War. He decides to shock his system into releasing the Ion power by taking an energy attack from Mongul. Yat’s Ion power is activated and he flies up into Daxam’s sun. He removes his ring and uses his Ion power to turn the red sun into a yellow one. The Daxamites gain super powers, repel the Sinestro Corps and kick Arisia off their planet.

There is more to Sodam Yat’s story, but how bad ass is that? The guy became the sun! He sacrificed himself and gave a whole race superpowers. Never mind the race was a bunch of xenophobic morons, but he did save a whole planet from something much worse.

Time flies by and Yat is torn out of the sun and Ion is torn from him by a cloaked figure. 1473095-green_lantern_emerald_warriors_3_12The sun returns to its natural red state causing the Daxamites to lose their powers (some die because of this). Well Yat wakes up in the Church of Sodam Yat. A bunch of Daxamites have begun worshiping Yat and seeing change as a force of good instead of being scared of everything 1473096-green_lantern_emerald_warriors_3_14beyond their planet. His followers even create a symbol for him (see picture on the right). Not all of Daxam is overjoyed that Yat has returned, Yat’s father especially is not pleased. He wants to throw Yat back into the sun so that the Daxamites can have their powers once again. His father even labels him a criminal. 1504060-green_lantern_emerald_warriors_4_13

Yat decides to take his people to punish the Guardians for all the evil they have wrought. The Church of Sodam Yat was going to make them pay, but they never get that far. While on their journey, a telepathic warlord named Zardor gained control of Yat and used him as his personal body guard.

In conclusion, Sodam Yat is a bad ass. He goes from being a powerless individual trapped on a xenophobic world, to Green Lantern, to Ion, to the savior of a whole race/sun, and finally to the embodiment of change for a whole group of people. Sodam Yat is an all powerful being that inspires some of the Daxamites to embrace change and not fear it like they had been conditioned to. He was a valuable member to the Green Lantern Corps and one of the main reasons to read Green Lantern Corps. during Peter J. Tomasi’s run. So check him out! He’s a bad ass!

Check it Out! Week of 3/25/15

20150326_161021Its that glorious time again! Time to talk about this weeks comics. We’re growing ever closer to the end of Hickman’s run on Avengers and New Avengers, Morrison’s brilliant series Multiversity, and Eric Powell’s powerful series the Goon. This week we also had to say goodbye to Ben Templesmith’s run on Gotham By Midnight. Templesmith has now moved onto completing his Kickstarter project Dagon. Get ready for that this fall. Wayward has finally returned with its 6th issue and the start of the next arc. Apologies for no Bad Ass of the Week article last week. I was way too busy with family stuff in order to pick a character, research, and write it. Not to mention I was away from my library. Well anyway let’s get onto the top 5 comics of this week!

Chew #47 - Page 1Number 5 this week is going to Chew #47! I can’t express enough how much I truly love this book. Speaking of series coming to a close, this one only has thirteen issues left! But that’s for Future Ed to worry about because that won’t be for over a year from now. ANYWAY…this issue was pretty great. Colby is concerned for his life because of what he did while Toni and his wife are waiting for his daughter, Olive, to wake up. She has been unconscious and in the hospital ever since her fight with the Vampire a few issues back. Toni has been partnered with Agent Berry who has actually started to prove himself useful. Together, Toni and Berry take out the newest individual with powers who had a burping ability that could knock Chew #47 - Page 20people out (lol all the powers they come up with for bad guy of the month are hilarious).

Savoy, Toni’s ex partner, has been pretending to be unconscious so he does not go back to jail. He trained Olive and was the one that led her to the Vampire which also makes him responsible for her defeat and seeming disfigurement. When Toni was gone from the hospital, Savoy slipped into Olive’s room to try and wake her, but Toni’s wife was waiting. While Toni was out busting the latest criminal, Savoy escaped and took both Olive and Toni’s wife. I cannot wait for the next issue!

Wayward #6 - Page 1Moving onto pick number 4, Wayward #6! I originally picked this book up because my fiancee thought it was interesting and I’m glad I did. This book is great! The story follows a girl named Rori who has just moved to Japan to live with her mother. Turns out Rori is special and linked to Japanese myth somehow and now needs to fight creatures like the Kappa. She has since assembled quite the rag-tag team and this issue introduced Emi, a young girl (depicted on the cover) that will surely be the newest addition to that team. Now the story opens with three months having passed by since issue #5. No one has seen Rori in three months and everyone at school thinks Wayward #6 - Page 16she blew up her apartment building before running away. Pretty crazy right? Well Emi tops that. Not only is she dreaming about Rori, but she discovers she has the ability to control whatever material she touched last. Emi finds this out because these two creatures called “Foxfire” attack her which must be because of her newly awakened abilities. She touched concrete last and made it squish them while she was in distress (see picture to the right). The Foxfire live and pursue Emi into a dump. She is promptly rescued by Ayane and Nikaido, two of Rori’s teammates. Ayane tells Emi they’re the good guys with blood all over her face, which gave me a chuckle.

Jim Zub’s story for this series as a whole has been great and for this issue too. I love Emi and I can’t wait to see what else she can do. I also can’t wait for her to have a panic attack. I think she will when she gets into the thick of it. Steve Cummings art is fantastic as always. I love the way this guy draws everything. If you’ve never picked up this book before then you should know there is a essay in the back of every issue that deals with Japanese mythology and culture to help people better understand the mythological creatures and the cultural differences. A smart move because its both interesting and helps people that have never been obsessed with manga before understand how different and seemingly weird Japanese society is compared to American society.

Gotham by Midnight #5 - Page 1Holy crap I cannot wait to get into my number 4 pick, Gotham by Midnight #5. As I mentioned above, this is the last issue done by Ben Templesmith and in all honesty its the last one I’m buying. My DC pickups have been dwindling since the reboot and now its down to this book and Multiversity. Well this one is done and Multiversity is not far behind. So this book rules and Templesmith is going out with a bang. Last issue the Spectre finally emerged from Corrigan and is now fighting this creature made of the genocide of the people that lived on the land before it was Gotham. Well I shouldn’t say the Spectre is fighting the creature, more like he’s holding it off until he makes his decision. The Spectre is God’s judgement. HGotham by Midnight #5 - Page 3e is not on Earth to save people, but to punish the wicked. There is a beautiful two page spread that best outlines the Spectre (see the right side). Templesmith is amazing. Well everyone in Gotham City is screwed. The Spectre has no empathy, he just does as he is told. While all this is going on Corrigan’s boss and partner fight to decide whether or not they should kill Corrigan. Corrigan’s boss hopes that if he kills Corrigan, the Spectre will just go away. Something I highly doubt. There is also and amazing two page spread where Corrigan explains he is actually trapped in the Spectre’s body when he takes over and he hears all the terrible things the Spectre thinks of him. Its pretty nuts. At some point in all this Batman shows up only to be knocked out of the sky like a fly which is totally perfect. Batman is crazy rich, smart, athletic, and whatever else, but there is no way he could even be considered an annoyance by these two supernatural beings. Fawkes and Templesmith have that captured perfectly. Most people think Batman can do anything, but when he fights supernatural creatures that are the incarnates of the genocide of a race and God’s judgement I completely draw the line at his ability to do anything. Yes, supernatural creatures that can do seemingly anything are more plausible to me than Batman most of the time. This all comes to an end when God speaks. The Spectre ceases his fight with the creature and the creature returns to the swamp from where it was birthed. BUT the creature does not go without one last act of vengeance against Gotham. The creature claims the life of Sister Justine in secret. A depressing end, but it was a great run by Templesmith. Fawkes story was great and I’m glad I read this.

New Avengers #32 - Page 1Now let’s look at the most depressingly epic of all my picks and that is pick number 2, New Avengers #32. Well the Beyonders come for Thor and his team. Nightmask teleports the team from a dying universe and that costs him the last of his life. They found out that Nightmask was flawed because every time he teleported like this he actually de-aged. This time was the last and he disappeared from existence. Well two Beyonders came for Thor’s team and with a team like this, they were not going to go down without trying to kill these things. Thor, having gained the power of Thorr (a opposite version of Thor that requires the wielder of the hammer to be unworthy), attacks the Beyonders only to have his metal arm torn from him…again. Ex Nihilo, Abyss, and the Ex Nihilii actually manage to kill one of the Beyonders, but they all die. Like that, more than half of their team is gone. Starbrand is stabbed in the chest and Hyperion is blinded in one eye. They are completely done for.New Avengers #32 - Page 23 They have one Beyonder still to deal with and all three of them are essentially maimed. Well Starbrand feels his death and detonates next to the Beyonder causing the Beyonder’s demise. Well only Thor and Hyperion live, but all is not well. A rift opens and out pours so many Beyonders. Thor and Hyperion do not run. They decide to meet their demise together, fighting. At this moment Thor finds himself unable to lift Thorr’s hammer, he is worthy once again. Far from his world and with no hope of ever returning he becomes worthy again. What could he do in response to that? He laughs. Together Hyperion and Thor rush the Beyonders New Avengers #32 - Page 26for their glorious death and race to Valhalla. These two pages (depicted on the right) are the reason this became my number 2 pick. If Multiversity hadn’t come out this week this surely would have been my number one pick. The relationship Hyperion and Thor have is great and I’ve been dying for more of their adventures since they fought the Dark Priests a while ago. For a character like Thor to have been striving to find his place in the world since losing his hammer only to find he can have it once again just before his death, is perfect. He still had no regrets. He laughed at the humor and the discovery of what made him worthy again. My take away from this is I have to read both Avengers and New Avengers again and I need to read more Thor. I wish there was more with Hyperion, but he’s a Hickman creation for Avengers.

The Multiversity - Ultra Comics #1 - Page 1Here’s a challenge, how do I write about my insane number 1 pick, the Multiversity – Ultra Comics #1? This book was so meta, beautiful, and somehow everything I wanted from this issue. So this issue is the famous haunted comic that was shown off in the beginning of this series. I had said when they announced this was going to be an actual issue, if this comic was completely blank I still would have loved it. All the build up to a so called “haunted comic” only to have it blank would have made me laugh so hard I probably would have cried. In the Guidebook issue, it was revealed that Ultra Comics takes place on Earth-33 which is basically real life. There are no real superheroes, but there are comic books. So a bunch of scientists The Multiversity - Ultra Comics #1 - Page 9turn a comic book sentient which creates Ultra Comics, the first superhero. There is a brilliant “sequence” initiated where he becomes the embodiment of all the major changes in comic books from the Golden Age – Modern Age. Its brilliant. I really can’t say that enough about Morrison’s work on this series and in general. So With the power of the Ultra Gem, a thought powered gem, Ultra Comics can do anything. He goes to a destroyed world and helps some kids that turn out to be cannibals. Ultra is strapped to a machine and has his gem eaten by a being called “Ultraa”. It gets real crazy from here on out, but basically Ultra Comics ends up being the cause for the Gentry to get free.

To me this is the greatest book that hits shelves every month. The book is so much fun especially if you’re a Morrison fan. I’ve been told people like this book without being into his work hardcore like I am which is cool and good to know people can enjoy this without being one of his acolytes. There are a lot of nods and references to his previous works like one of my all time favorites, Final Crisis. Morrison builds on what he’s accomplished because he likes to treat continuity as it should be. He tries to fix holes that were left by reboots, writers, or editors and makes additions. Everything he has done takes pieces from his other works and builds off them. This book culminates all of his work that he’s done for DC and it really couldn’t be more perfect. The return of Doug Mahnke to a Morrison title was awesome. He’s one of my top 5  favorite Morrison collaborators. His work is stunning as always. I wish we could get anon going title with Morrison and Mahnke. Maybe someday.

Check it Out! Week of 3/18/15

chrono1This week there’s only three comics I want to highlight. There were two great numbers 1’s that came out this week. First issues of Frankenstein Underground and Chrononauts came out and they were both pretty great, but I’ll dive more into that when I review them. Well let’s get to it!

Frankenstein Underground #1 - Page 1My third favorite book this week is gonna be the new Frankenstein Underground. So this book I’ve been waiting for, for quite a while. If you didn’t know, this was not the first time Frankenstein’s monster has shown up in the House_of_the_Living_DeadMignolaverse. He first showed up in the Hellboy graphic novel, Hellboy: House of the Living Dead. Hellboy had to fight him in a ring for this mad scientist’s pleasure. So this was a great first issue and it links into the Mignolaverse in an interesting way. The Marquis De Fabre is back! Well more like this is the first time he’s in the Mignolaverse technically. The Marquis first showed up in B.P.R.D. just after Roger died during the long Plague of Frogs arc. Well the Marquis is doing his usual thing and wants Frankenstein’s monster for his collection. This book was great and since I’ve read every Mignolaverse comic book I’m not too sure if I liked this book so much because I know almost everything about the Mignolaverse that’s available. I do think its something someone can just pick up and read and it will entice the new reader to pick up House of the Living Dead.

Chrononauts #1 - Page 1Moving on, let’s get into pick number 2! Mark Millar and Sean Murphy’s Chrononauts. In recent years I’ve been hesitant to pick up Millar’s creative owned work, but this one was great. This issue, like most Millar’s first issues, was amazing. I really liked it and can’t wait to read the next issue. I just hope this story keeps up the momentum. I know Sean Murphy’s art will be just as amazing next issue. I love Murphy’s art and will buy anything he is illustrating. The story, in a few sentences, is about two scientist bros that want to travel back in time and record history. They decide their first recording will be Chrononauts #1 - Page 23Christopher Columbus landing in America. As per usual, something goes horribly wrong and they land in the wrong time. Right in the middle of a battle in the 1500s. I really cannot praise Sean Murphy’s art enough. This book is just so amazing and I cannot wait for Murphy to draw some heavy action scenes with this warriors. If you’re interested, the cover of the first issue is special. The clock on the upper left was drawn in a particular way by Murphy with the help of a neurologist. 1 in 15 people will see an hourglass instead of the numbers in the watch. For the full article on this check this out: http://www.dailydot.com/geek/mark-millar-sean-murphy-chrononauts-optical-illusion/

B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth  - Flesh and Stone #129 - Page 1My number one pick (which is no surprise if you saw what came out this week) is B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth #129! This issue was just great. I love Arcudi and Harren for making this book more and more amazing each month. Krauss’ team has been caught by one of the monsters that is somehow immune to grenades. Last issue Agent Howards showed up to kill the thing. That is exactly what he is good at and what he does. This issue B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth  - Flesh and Stone #129 - Page 7makes a change for B.P.R.D. and for Agent Howards. For the first time since he picked up that sword, Howards actually spoke. With his help they were able to destroy this magical shield this monster naturally had and Agent Enos was finally able to blow it up. The best part of this issue is when the team finally returns to the Colorado base. B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth  - Flesh and Stone #129 - Page 20Agent Enos and Krauss are discussing Enos’ respect for Howards. Enos recommends Howards to be team leader and makes a remark about how he (Enos) is not a follower. On the left of this is a page from the issue. Take a notice to the last panel of the page and how some agents have taken to altering their uniforms. Howards has a following! Fuck yeah!

The last part of this article I wanted to highlight is what the Black Flame is B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth  - Flesh and Stone #129 - Page 16up to. The Black Flame has not moved from New York, but has decided it is time to expand his empire. Zooming into the Black Flame’s eye, we can see the space that the Ogdru Jahad’s prison is. The crystal prison that this thing is sealed in is starting to crack! This thing is gonna wake up soon (hopefully). There are some major changes happening in the Mignolaverse. I’m hoping this leads up to the return of Hellboy!

That is all for this past week’s comics. Check them out! These three are definitely worth your time! I can’t wait for the next issue of each one these great series!

Toy Review! Ultimate Spider-Man Web Warriors Titan Hero Series

So this past week my roommate and I acquired some of the Titan Hero Series figures. Namely, we got our hands 20150315_231431on the “Ultimate Spider-Man Web Warriors” Green Goblin, Iron Spider, and Agent Venom figures. I already own the Captain America Titan Hero Series figure which I liked a lot, but these other three figures not so much.

The figures are a little over 11 inches tall and all of them have moveable arms, legs, and head. The Agent Venom figure has a rotating hand unlike the Green Goblin figure and the Iron Spider figure. 20150315_231510Hasbro used the same head mold for both Agent Venom and Iron Spider (they probably used the same mold for all the Spider-Man figures’ heads). The figures have no other movement or pose-ability. The back of each box has a brief write up about the character/figure you’re about to buy. These figures are intended for Ages 4+, but if you’re a hardcore collector of Spider-Man you probably won’t be able to help yourself and buy them anyway. This article is meant to assist you by giving you a review on these three figures so I hope I’m helpful.

agent venomThe Agent Venom action figure is very cool. I am a big fan of this character and I love seeing more merchandise for him. There was a good amount of detail put into the figure to make it separate from Venom Costume Spider-Man because they are very much different characters, but I don’t expect everyone to know that. I would say this figure is just as good as the Captain America Titan Hero Series figure.

The other two figures are not as well done. The Iron Spider figure is bland and iron spiderunmemorable. The figure is just a plain red Spider-Man with some gold paint on it. There isn’t even a design on his back for the backpack that the character has for the robotic spider legs. Neither of his hands are in the classical “web-shooting” position. Instead the figure has a weird open hand and a fist. I don’t really know why the hand is open because there are no accessories for these figures.

spin_prod_1279189712The Green Goblin figure is not that great either. The box for the other two figures has an image of the character and the figure does look like the image. The Green Goblin one does not look like the image. It looks more like a lizard person than a goblin. The sculpt for the head is terrible. The head has very big bug eyes and weird detail put into the cheeks. The sculpt for the body on the other hand is actually pretty good. The arms and legs are covered in scales like the image which is a plus. There is a pumpkin bomb in the figure’s left hand, but it is not removable (probably a plus for young kids that this product is originally intended for).

So as I said above, the figures are originally intended for young kids and those kids are probably the ones watching the “Ultimate Spider-Man” cartoon. They do not have a lot of movable parts and are rather large which further indicates they are for young children. There is nothing too great about either of the three figures. If you had to buy one figure I would say get the Agent Venom action figure, but that’s if you had to buy one. The retail value for these figures varies. Comic shops tend to price these figures a little higher and that’s because comic shops tend to have their inventory aimed at collectors. I found them for 19.99 in comic shops. Other toy stores like Walmart and Toys R’ Us have these figures priced lower. These stores have them for about 9.99, which I find to be more affordable for something like this. Unless you’re buying them for a kid or a hardcore Spider-Man fan, I don’t think they’re worth it.

Bad Ass Character of the Week: Future Franklin Richards

It all started on the anniversary of Franklin Richards’, son of Reed and Sue Richards, birth in Fantastic Four #574. Franklin Richards, for those that do not know, is a mutant. He is a reality-manipulator and considered beyond Omega-level in terms of mutant power. Essentially Franklin is a god and what he does in the future during Jonathan Hickman’s run on Fantastic Four is what makes him a bad ass.

As I said above, this all starts on Franklin’s birthday, specifically at his birthday party in the Baxter Building. An 3581608-2372146-1361085_frank_richards_superunknown person teleports into the Baxter Building and puts a force-field around himself and Franklin. He uses some kind of power that lifts Franklin off the ground. He whispers something to Franklin before lowering him onto the ground. He then goes to see Val Richards, Franklin’s little sister. He tells her some very cryptic things about the future before telling her that her future self sent him. Val being the smartest being on the planet at the age of 3, deduced that this person is actually her older brother from the future. At the end of issue #574 it is revealed what Future Franklin said to his younger self and that is “Rest… …And remember what you are”. It turns out what Future Franklin did to the younger was reawaken his dormant reality-warping powers. So Young Franklin creates a new universe. This is where we last see Future Franklin for a little while because he and Future Val are awaiting their perfect opportunity to make a jump to the past. Everything he told Young Val was to destabilize the future. FRANKLIN DESTROYED THE FUTURE.

In Fantastic Four #582 Future Franklin and Val make their jump into the Void not being completely sure if they’ll make it into the past like they want. ff582032-1295942039There is some hilarious dialogue shared between the two of them which is posted to the left. Now there is quite an even longer gap between when we next see these two. They do not again show up until the climax of Hickman’s Fantastic Four run. Because of things that Reed was secretly doing with a group of parallel Earth versions of himself, they allowed Celestials (Mad Space Gods) to come to the 616 Universe (Marvel’s main universe where most of their titles take place). If you didn’t know, Celestials where the ones responsible for creating mutantkind and Apocalypse. These things are terrifying. Galactus is the only natural predator for these things, but not even Galactus can take on four of them and live. Galactus, being a boss, fights the Celestials and manages to kill one of the four he is fighting. Galactus is then killed by the remaining three when they combine into one being. His body plummets to the Earth for the Future Foundation and the Fantastic Four to see.

The Celestials are ready to wipe out the FF and F4 when Future Franklin and Val arrive. Fantastic_Four_604_05The Celestials want to destroy Franklin because of his incredible power, but Franklin won’t go down that easily. This is where I was completely convinced Future Franklin Richards was a complete bad ass. In order to combat the Celestials, Future Franklin absorbs the universe Young Franklin created. He tries fighting the Celestials, but does not have 3840598-3440910396-fantaenough power to take on three of them so what does Franklin do? HE RESURRECTS GALACTUS! The narration for this resurrection is incredible. “Throughout all of space and time…the Devourer of Worlds has had many heralds…Franklin has had 4331145-2423794-fantasticfour_604_thegroup_018ONLY ONE” This is one of the most epic things to read and one of the greatest issues Jonathan Hickman has ever done. So with their combined power they kill the Celestials and rewrite the future.

Galactus and Future Franklin have a great conversation about how the two of them are going to be there together to witness the heat death of the universe and will see the birth of the new one. How awesome is that? Franklin will be there for the end of everything with HIS herald. Future Franklin Richards is a bad ass. What else would you call a guy that destroyed the future, killed celestials, resurrected Galactus and made him his herald, rewrote the future, and witnesses the end of the universe. I love recommending Hickman’s run to other people. Its one of the greatest things I have in my collection and one of my favorite things to read. Check it out if you haven’t read it before. There are plenty of amazing things that transpire during this run. It is worth your time. That concludes Bad Ass Character of the Week.

Check it Out! Week of 3/11/15

antman jokeGreat things happened this week in comics! There were three girl-power comics this week and all three of them were great to say at the very least. So I’ve got a top 5 best comics of the week. Read on if you want to find out what they are and how Taskmaster is Ant-Man’s (Scott Lang) old Arch-enemy.

Abe Sapien  - Abrogast #21 - Page 1Going from my 5th favorite book, I would have to give it to Abe Sapien #21! Abe is attacked by zombies! Abrogast has continued to resurrect the dead, but they have taken a bite out of his right hand man causing him to come back as a zombie. So this issue everyone finds out about Abrogast’s plans while Abe is bitten by zombies and beats zombies with a rusty old bike he finds in the grass.This issue I would consider mostly setup for the next Abe Sapien  - Abrogast #21 - Page 15issue. Things are really gonna change next issue for this small patch of survivors. Maybe we’ll find out what Abrogast is keeping in a bottle and if the monsters will come back. All I know for sure is the Fiumara brothers are killing it on the art. This issue was done by Sebastian Fiumara and I cannot express enough how much I love this guy’s art. Him and his brother are redefining how I think about horror art. Its so beautiful, but the terrifying feeling one is supposed to have is not lost in the beauty. I long to own a page by one of the Fiumara brothers.

Pick number 4 is Ms. MarvelMs. Marvel #13 - Page 1 #13! This issue marks the start of a new artist. Takeshi Miyazawa has now taken over and I gotta say its incredible. His style is close to Alphona’s style on this book and Alphona’s style really defined this character and what we can expect in terms of movement from Ms. Marvel. I especially loved this issue because Kamala now has a love interest. I love teen drama and Ms. Marvel is adding it in full force. I cannot wait to see her relationship with this guy named Kamran. Ms. Marvel #13 - Page 8She is sooo in love with him its great. This reminds me of Ultimate Peter Parker and MJ except we have no idea if it’ll actually work out. With Ult Pete and MJ we knew they’d get together, break up, make up, etc. because that’s who they are in the 616 universe (Marvel’s main universe). Not to mention how its going to pan-out with Kamala’s friend who is in love with her. The drama potential in this series has me so excited! So getting back to the issue…Kamala has to quickly change into her alter ego and fight another inhuman tarring up New Jersey City just when she and Kamran are getting even closer. There is a great parallel in this issue for Kamala as both a Muslim and an Inhuman when she’s in the midst of the fight and telling her opponent that there is always that one group that terrorizes people and everyone that looks like them are made to suffer. I love how Kamala handled this situation by saying its not going to happen again. She won’t let it happen again. I truly love this character. She is so amazing and needs a cartoon, but nothing like that shit Ultimate Spider-Man show. This should strictly be like the comics and not like the “Real World” MTV series.

Ant-Man #3 - Page 1ANT-MAN KEEPS GETTING FUNNIER! And that is why it has firmly landed in my 3rd pick of the week. This book is just incredible and it really is all thanks to Nick Spencer. I’m not a big Nick Spencer fan, but I sure think he should write this book forever and I will definitely give him my money for as long as I live. This book would utterly crumble without his jokes and how he handles Scott Lang. So as one might assume from the cover, Ant-Man does indeed fight Taskmaster and its a combination of awesome and funny. As Ant-Man #3 - Page 12my top picture states, Scott Lang thinks Taskmaster is his Arch-enemy because they’ve fought so many times in the past. Taskmaster just laughs at him and tells him they only fought because Scott was teamed up with real heroes, the ones Taskmaster was sent after. I loved the dialogue between these two. They were just trying to diss each other like it was a rap battle. Not to mention there was a part in this issue where Ant-Man threatens to take away “Pizza Friday” if his army of ants messed up. I literally laughed out loud for most of this book which is uncommon for me. I do find things funny in book that are meant to be, but most don’t actually have me laughing externally. Moving away from the jokes, there was some serious plot. Cassie is kidnapped (again!) and it is revealed that basically Scott’s first villain is going to be coming back. I figured Spencer would tackle this eventually and I’m glad he’s getting it out of the way early on in the series.

Let’s talk about Thor #6Thor #6 - Page 1, my number 2 pick of this week. Dauterman has returned! I’ve said this in previous articles, but Dauterman’s art is beautiful! His work on this book defines this character. I could not imagine this book without his amazing action scenes or, in fact, any of his scenes. So this issue we Thor #6 - Page 5get Agger’s origin story at last. I’ve really wanted to know why this CEO can just turn into a minotaur! A Minotaur! I gotta say Aaron did an amazing job on Agger’s origin. I loved it. He sold his soul when he was a child to THE Minotaur. His family’s island was taken over by pirates and all, but Agger was killed. He hid in a cave where there was a statue to the Minotaur. A great origin story for this ruthless character. I gotta say I really like Agger now. He was a cool villain beforehand, but now he’s brutal. Not to mention he didn’t kill those pirates either. I’m gonna have to Thor #6 - Page 6stop here and say I am gonna post a lot of pages from this book. It was too good. So Agger kept these guys alive and you can see how he did so with the image on the left. Just take a look at that beast of two page spread. Agger is a truly terrifying individual. I cannot wait to see what he has in store for Thor. Meanwhile, the Odinonson is still trying to narrow down who is ThThor #6 - Page 18or. He is eventually led to the assumption that its Roz Solomon. I’ve thought it was her since they announced the new Thor was going to be a different person and the old Thor was still going to continue to live on. So I hope I’m right because I liked Roz when she was introduced in Thor God of Thunder. Thor has decided to attack Roxxon because she smells Malekith and Agger together. Roxxon security guards immediately engage her and I love the page that follows their attack on her. Thor just stands there taking a rain of bullets and she feels only a tickle! Again this page (to the right) is just god damn gorgeous. Dauterman is fantastic. I seriously cannot wait for the last issue.

Now I seriously just talked up Thor #6 and now I’m going to dive or I should say “surf” on over to my number 1 pick of the week, Silver SurferSilver Surfer #10 - Page 1 #10. I love me some Mike and Laura Allred. These two are amazing and I love the feel of everything they work on. An Allred book has a very particular feel that I can only describe as “ginchy”. This is the third issue with Galactus and Newhaven. Silver Surfer failed to defeat Galactus WHEN HE SURFED ON A MOON and hit Galactus with it. Galactus lands on Newhaven and is preparing to devour this world of refugees. So Surfer attacks Galactus again, but nothing is even bothering him. Surfer reveals to the people of Newhaven that he became the herald of Galactus to save his world. So all Silver Surfer #10 - Page 11the people of Newhaven tell Galactus they will be his herald to save their world. “No” Galactus responds! He tells these people they have nothing to offer and so Dawn offers to be the new herald. Dawn of the planet Earth, the Silver Surfer #10 - Page 13one world Galactus was repelled from, is accepted as the new herald! My mind was blown when I read this! I thought that this book took a dark and very interesting turn. I did not think this was going to happen. The thought never even crossed my mind. Galactus begins turning Dawn into his new herald, but the people of Newhaven  take to their escape pods and leave Newhaven in order for Galactus to cease turning Dawn into a herald. So Surfer swears to be the herald of all Silver Surfer #10 - Page 21the refugees. He promises them that he will find them a new planet. This last page especially, the beautiful artwork of Mike Allred and the spectacular coloring of Laura Allred just drive the craziness and emotion of this work home. This book fucking rules! I have this at the top of my weekly stack the Wednesday it is released. Its absolutely thrilling to read. I honestly do not know where this book will go. I love it! I am literally strapped in for the ride and will go wherever they will take me. I also have to give Slott some attention for the amazing dialogue and plot. Out of the two books that Slott is writing every month, this is the better of the two and worth everyone’s time. Slott is putting his all into this book and the Allreds are making it all the more incredible with each page. This is the number 1 book I recommend picking up. CHECK IT OUT! DO IT!

Check it Out! Week of 3/4/15

Wow! I picked up a lot of books this week and had a hard time narrowing it down to a top five and picking the number one book this week. Everything was so good. Two new series started this week by Jeff Lemire, a new Warren Ellis comic, a new Eric Powell comic, and the next issue of some of my favorites came out this week. So without further ado lets talk about the top five comics of the week.

The number 5 comic of the week is definitely Blackcross by Warren Ellis and Colton Worley.Project Superpowers - Blackcross #1 - Page 1 So this was a cool new book that revolves around a man in witness protection. His name is Bob Stewart, but now he’s going by the name Rob Benton. He is hiding out in a small town named Blackcross. He was the witness to a mafia killing and has been hiding out waiting for his day to testify, but it seems someone has found him because he keeps getting emails with threats. Meanwhile, there are some very bizarre things happening in Blackcross. A medium is visited by a bunch of specters that are in the form of superheroes. “Lady Satan” as she calls herself, is attacked by what looks like an alternate version of herself and now appears to be possessed by that other version of herself. Elsewhere a man is lit on fire and calmly walks into a lake. Another one of these specters is nearby when it happens. So I can only assume that these other versions are their true selves and they want to be let out again or they’re alternate versions from another timeline. Who really knows with Warren Ellis at the wheel, just know that it will surely be interesting. I’m excited for the next issue of this series.

Coming in at my number 4 pick is going to have to be Big Man Plans. Big Man Plans #1 (of 4) - Page 1This is a new series from Image by Eric Powell and Tim Wiesch. This story is very dark, but incredibly funny which is what Eric Powell does best. Can’t say I’ve ever read anything by Tim Wiesch, but he is doing great with co-writing this with Eric Powell. The book is one of four about a midget who served in Vietnam in an unofficial capacity. He is made fun of for his height and instead of being served a drink at the bar he was at, he is instead given chocolate milk. So “Big Man”, as he’s referred to as, leaves a twenty dollar tip under the cup and walks out. The bartender goes to collect the tip while a little kid makes fun of Big Man just Big Man Plans #1 (of 4) - Page 6outside the bar. Under the cup was a grenade that perfectly detonated when Big Man punched the kid. This has a feel like Eric Powell’s other work the Goon. Its really disturbing, but you can’t help but laugh at what is going on. This hysterical book is basically about a midget that has a shit life after being discharged from the military. He’s incredibly vicious and tough which makes him all the more amusing.

Number 3 for this week is the new series by Jeff Lemire and Dustin NguyenDescender #1 - Page 1 Descender. There has been a lot of buzz about this new series because Sony has already optioned it for a film before the first issue was even officially out. Stuff like this is not uncommon, but it really makes you hope it doesn’t end up bombing. Something that I would never imagine happening to either of these two Descender #1 - Page 8creators. They are amazing! So this series is set in the future where mankind is basically apart of a coalition of planets. Giant robots appear and attack! Doctor Quon was the original government consult on the giant robots before the attack, but since then has fallen to ruin. He is brought back into the fold  ten years later when a “Tim-Model” robot companion activates. The giant robots have not been seen since that day and have caused a robot cull to begin amongst the universe’s inhabitants. Supposedly the giant robots that attacked share the same same codex as Dr. Quon’s Tim-Model robots. So Dr. Quon is in a race to save the last of the Tim robots from extinction so that he may find out who created these giant robots that attacked ten years ago. This book has great writing and an interesting plot and it is all complimented by the art. If this first issue is any indication of how great this series will be then the upcoming issues are going to be amazing.

My number 2 pick is Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. #4. Hellboy and the B.P.R.D #4 - Page 1It was really hard to not give this issue the number one slot. It was a truly amazing issue and the second to last one for 1952. Hellboy is still on a learning curve with how missions usually go with the B.P.R.D. He stumbles upon a lab under the castle they were sent to investigate. Said lab has mechanically augmented monkeys assembling frankensteins. Hellboy and Agent Archie have some really great dialogue in this issue. The humor in this is so perfect. If you’re a fan of Hellboy then you’ll recognize a certain villain showing up for the first time in Hellboy’s life. There isHellboy and the B.P.R.D #4 - Page 21 also an amazing illustration by Alex Maleev of Rasputin. This page is just stunning. The dialogue that goes along with this picture of Rasputin is for the first time someone questions whether or not that was the real Rasputin. In all other Hellboy works, it was always accepted that this guy was the real mad monk Rasputin, but now he’s questioned. This just makes the story all the more interesting. Who could he really be if he’s not Rasputin. I don’t think this was haphazardly thrown in there. I think this will show back up in one of the Mignolaverse titles. I cannot wait to see how the rest of 1952 goes for Hellboy. I love this series!

In all honesty I could not choose between Nameless or Iron Fist the Living Weapon this week so both are my number one pick. They both were just so perfect in every way. So pick number 1.1 is Nameless #2! Nameless #2 - Page 1This issue just catered to most of my interests in one go. Mr. Nameless discovers tNameless #2 - Page 11he language one of the crew members is reciting and writing in is actually “Enochian” the language of the angels. John Dee and Edward Kelley “discovered” the language in 1583 when it was revealed to them. As soon as Mr. Nameless said “Enochian” I was instantly excited. I love it that Morrison writes about all the weird occult things I love. He also loves to combine the occult with sci-fi. The fifth planet in our solar system that no longer exists was where the angels and demons fought the War of Heaven. Their battle destroyed the fifth planet which explains the collection of asteroids floating in between Mars and Jupiter. The asteroid hurtling towards Earth that these scientists are trying to stop is a weapon left over from that war.This issue was awesome and was much more linear than the first issue. I cannot wait for the next issue!

Iron Fist - The Living Weapon #10 - Page 1Pick number 1.2, Iron Fist the Living Weapon was just incredible. Every single issue Kaare Kyle Andrews blows me away with his amazing art and this issue, like Iron Fist - The Living Weapon #10 - Page 4all the previous, topped all the others. Iron Fist has his confrontation with his weird machine father after absorbing the chi of all K’un Lun’s citizens. And holy shit does Iron Fist look awesome! There are so many two pages spreads in this issue! This fight was so climactic and awesome! Kaare Kyle Andrews is easily one of the best artists in the game right now. I don’t really wanna say anymore about this issue because it’ll ruin it all. Trust me, go buy this issue and make your whole being happy.